Making my crafting space "pretty" ...

Not a card from me today but something totally different. I decided that my craft space needed some personalising and as I haven't had time to revamp all the bottles and tins I have collected just yet, I did something else as a stop gap.

We recently had some charity bags come through the door and as I have been nagging youngest son to clear his wardrobe for eons, took this opportunity to "re nag" him. Long waffle short, I found one or two bits that i thought might be useful in my crafting, so squirrelled them away. However this time, rather than filling another box with these "useful one day pretties", I decided to use then straight away! I know ..... unheard of .... !

So I made some "tin covering what nots" ...

They are made from the legs of jeans, lined with various materials (shirts, t-shirts, scarves etc). I created a "standing bottom" and on one added some trim. Before I became too carried away with decorations, I quickly stopped myself and made 5 in all from one jean leg ... okay my son is tall so get good mileage from a pair of his old jeans ;)

I have put the undecorated tins inside so I continually remind myself to decorate them one day in the not too distant future ....

Well back to the crafty making as have one or two new products to make samples for ...

x x x

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