Using Word to merge images ...

Although I do have several packages that make digi kits and merge images, I must admit for speed I often go to word. So I thought I'd share how I merge my images ... Now I appreciate that you make know some (or even all) but I have to work in a logical (ish) order ...

First add your images using "insert picture"

I have used images from Polka Doodles Dollie goes East collection. In order to move the images around your page, remember to either format the images or go to "wrap text". Just use "right click" on your mouse and the sub menu will appear.

Next start placing your images in the order you wish to use them.

Now, click on one of the images and the editing box appears ...

Leave this edit box up and then move over to the next image but this time hold down the CTRL button and then click on the image (using mouse button) and a second editing box will appear.

Repeat this process for the final image (or however many you have decided to use).

Okay the tricky bit to explain so it makes sense, so bare with me ...... move your cursor to be near all the images and click on the right mouse button. A sub menu will appear and one of the options is "Group" ...

Highlight "group" and another sub menu appears. Move across and highlight "group" again, clicking on the word.  Now all your images are grouped/merged together and no longer individual.

Photo below shows how they no longer have 3 editing boxes but one. This means I can now place the new topper anywhere on my page and also resize. Just print off as you would do normally and you have your merged/group images saving lots of time (and cutting out)!

To ungroup the images, just click on the image (to bring up the editing box), right click on your mouse button and the sub menu will reappear. Highlight "group" again and the smaller sub menu reappears. Go down to ungroup and click on this. Voila, your images are now individuals again.

Thank you for taking the time to read all of my instructions and apologies to those crafters who already knew these steps. Anyhow pop back tomorrow and I will show what I made with these images.

I'm off on the Class 6 residential trip to the Isle of Wight today (for a week), memory foam topper is safely packed and hot water bottle filled ready for the coach journey.  See I have been good resting up as this trip was my reason to follow the doctors orders.

Hope you have a wonderful week planned too,

x x x